Eagle Watching

She gasped. Everything that had been wrong with her day, with the world, with her and especially with all the other idiots who had infiltrated her recent experience were banished to oblivion in that one, sharp inhale.

Through the scope, as if she saw it not with her eyes through a glass but with her own heart, she beheld the Bald Eagle babies. One, it’s soft, fuzzy head barely visible in the giant nest, was laying down. His older brother was clearly visible, larger, his shining mass of new brown feathers sitting tall and upright in the nest. Instinctually, even so young, he was looking, watching, ever aware.  She couldn’t see his eagle’s eye, but she could feel its power- it’s ferocity, its predator’s instinct just knowing and waiting for the day when it would own the river below, and indeed the entire valley that lay stretching wide and plentiful below the nest. There was so much to explore. So many fish, deer elk, squirrel, marmot. So many cats…

But he was not there yet. Not quite the soaring Eagle, emblem of Liberty, paragon of strength, embodiment of Majesty. And so sat his Mother, in the tree to the West.  Not only Beauty was she, but Wisdom, Discernment, Pride, and Protection.  Knowing what he does not know, seeing what he does not see, calling out her position to the foe- not daring, but warning. Knowing there is battle ahead. And that she will win. The Mother. The greatest gift a baby will never know. 


“Though she be but Little, she is Fierce.”


All of this, in a gasp. She pulled away from the scope, not because she was done with the view but because so many were lined up behind her, and they should see.


Everyone should see. Come see.


(Inspired from a Bald Eagle, Osprey and Blue Heron watching excursion with the Roaring Fork Conservancy. Seriously, Go See. http://www.roaringfork.org )


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