I Could Tell You



Paradise- Day 1 Candidasa, Bali

I could tell you about how beautiful it is here. About how it is Paradise. You know that because it has all the elements of postcards and dreams. Palm trees, tropical flowers abundant in lush gardens, pools and plush loungers and umbrellas. Pagodas to give you shade while you sip your Mai-Tai and get your toes painted. Or sip your Mojito and just read. Or do none of those and just stare at the waves of the Indian Ocean.

I could tell you about the crashing of the waves that lull your soul and keep the time of your breath, or the infinity pool that is above the sea, still and calm with only the sporadic ripples of your eventual exhale. Because you can’t hold your breath forever, even as you stare down Paradise.

Or, I could tell you about the fish I saw today, in the warm tropical waters of the only natural harbor in Bali. They were of all spectrums and every color of exclamation and a luminescent, shimmering spectacle of creative wonder. And there were other fish too. Fish without color. Long, clear fish with sharp pointed noses, like daggers. There were Army fish, striped fish, tattoo’ed fish. Fish with teeth, Angel fish, flat floating rays with bright blue spots, red fish, spotted fish, tuxedo fish.  Black fish. A big ugly scary looking eel fish. And the non-fish. A bright blue, red and pink neon Lobster. No, I am not kidding you.

And the coral reef would not play second fiddle fish to any pescado. (Yeah, that’s Spanish..but I need poetry here, people…) A reef of neutral coral and vivid coral, underwater fauna alive and moving with every shift in the current or with the spontaneous change of direction of even the tiniest fish. Red and pink, brown and neon green. Black with green spots, waving like the silk of a tiny Aquarian ribbon dancer.

Lucky indeed are we who can behold. Luckier still are we who know how lucky we are. This is not a travel blog, but I must never let this go. I must never let go of the awe of this place. The balance of movement and stillness, harmony and discord in the natural canvas of a creative God. I must never let this go.


And I must go on. We must go on together.


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